Formerly known as Wayne Labradors, for over thirty years our family has owned and loved Labrador Retrievers. “Crystal” came into our lives in 1989 as a hunting companion for us, and later became the main foundation of our line. In 2004 we made a change, and obtained the registered AKC kennel name of “Pathway", a combination of my first name, my maiden name, and our last name.

     Our Labradors have served us in many ways, from Hunting companions to loyal family members, from protectors to baby sitters. Their commitment to us deserves our first and foremost commitment to them and their breed. That is where we stand as a hobby breeder, providing to loving and committed families-a healthy, sound, loving and socially adjusted puppy, that conforms to the “Labrador Standard” and has the drive to retrieve.

     Our commitment starts with our Labradors being part of our family. They live with us and share not only our love and home, but also our life. In the evenings you will generally find us watching television as they lay at our feet, share the couch, or play “keep away” from each other around the dinning room table. They even share a room, decked out in true Labrador style!

     Our commitment continues in the planning of our litters. Generally keeping a puppy for our self to continue our line and to train to hunt, a lot of thought goes into the breeding of our girls. We raise, train and socialize our puppy and before breeding is even considered (not before two years of age), she must pass OFA health clearances for hips, elbows and heart, AVCO examination for eyes, and even Optigen testing to determine PRA carrier status. The preparation for her litter begins long before her actual breeding takes place. We put in many hours of taking educational classes, seminars, researching pedigrees, talking with other breeders and searching for just the right male to compliment her.

     After the breeding our commitment shows in the care of our female and in the whelping and rearing of her litter. Socialization starts at birth, each puppy is talked to, cuddled and played with, and seldom left alone. Because they are born in our home, they are exposed to normal daily life from the banging of doors to the vacuum cleaner! Puppies are exposed to toys, wings, and puppy bumpers by 3 1/2 weeks of age. Each puppy is given a written Purchase Agreement and Health Certificate, when they leave for their new home. We also encourage the new owners to keep in touch, visit and send pictures! They are considered part of our extended family, and we will always be there to answer questions, and give advice or support when needed.

      Our commitment does not end when the puppy leaves our home, if for any reason a family may find they can not keep their puppy/dog, the puppy/dog will be either returned to us or we will assist in finding him/her a new loving home.